“Worst Player Ever, Can’t Even Shot, Terrible.” Chelsea Fans Attack Their Player After Chelsea’s Draw

Chelsea have drawn yesterday against Arsenal after a very disappointing performance by Chelsea players in the Carabao Cup, EFL Cup, semi-final.

Chelsea couldn’t manage to win against Arsenal for the fourth time this season after drawing three times, twice in the Premier League 0-0 and 2-2, drawing once in the EFL Cup yesterday, 0-0, and losing in the Community Shield by the penalties at the beginning of the season.

Chelsea fans had a very disappointing night because of the performance the players were playing in, especially Alvaro Morata who missed plenty of chances as well and was the reason Chelsea couldn’t score this time, in addition for him to waste plenty of chances in the last match against Arsenal in the Premier League where Eden Hazard blamed him for losing, in addition to Chelsea fans.

This time as well, Alvaro Morata was attacked by Chelsea fans this time as well after his disappointing performance against Arsenal where he wasn’t able to shot or pass properly, and he is heavily criticized recently for his declined from where he isn’t able to score like the beginning of the season where he was competing for the golden boot award.

Here are some of Chelsea’s fans reactions on social media about Alvaro Morata.



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