“Welcome To Chelsea” Fans Reaction To An Italian Signing With Chelsea

Chelsea fans have received a huge boost today as many reports and news confirm that Chelsea FC’s owenr, Roman Abramovic, has decided on the first signing during the summer transfer windows which got many Chelsea fans crazy and launched a wave warm welcomes to him on the social media.

Chelsea’s fans are excited about the new signing their club is about to announce where the former Premier League champions and the Premier League London club, Chelsea FC, are on the edge of announcing a new manager that will replace the Italian manager, Antonio Conte.

The premier league giant, the Blues Chelsea FC, are reported to have already finalized the deal with the Italian manager, Mauricio Sarri, where the Italian manager is reported to be already a Chelsea manager, but just the contract termination with Chelsea’s former manager, Antonio Conte, is left where the penalty clause is being negotiated and will be agreed on in the coming few days or hours.

Many Chelsea fans have shown a warm welcome message for the Italian manager who has left the Italian giant, Napoli FC, where he was replaced by the Italian manager and former Chelsea manager, Carlo Ancelotti, earlier last week.

here are some samples of Chelsea fans welcoming Mauricio Sarri to Chelsea.




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