How To Vote For Eden Hazard And Help Him Win The Best Player Of The Month

Eden Hazard has been nominated to win the EA Sports Premier League the player of the month for the month of November, and Chelsea fans around that world can make this happen by voting for him.

The Belgian forward had a good month with his London club where he scored twice against West Bromwich Albion and provided several assists during the month which helped his team win several Premier League matches.

Eden Hazard helped his team, Chelsea, in the Champions League as well against Qarabag FK in Azberjian where he scored a goal in Baku, and two days ago in Stamford Bridge against Atletico Madrid where he scored the only goal to end the match with a 1-1 draw.

Chelsea fans can help Eden Hazard with this award by voting for him online and making the difference.

Here is the method of how to vote:

1- Go to

2-Click the pink bottom “Vote Now!”

3-Choose Eden Hazard from the seven players list

4-Click “Vote”

5-Pass the recaptcha to prove you are not a bot.


That’s it! go vote now!


  1. I vote for Eh10

  2. Hazard is sensational

  3. Eden hazard, player of the month

  4. Thanks for sharing this information..have shared this link with others keep posting such information..

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