Terrible News For Chelsea Fans

The Blues, Chelsea, isn’t having the best season so far after being so far away from Manchester City who is on the top of the Premier League table with a huge gap.

Chelsea fans have received a bad news recently as well after confirming that Chelsea will have a new delay as well in moving to their new stadium.

Chelsea is expected to delay the new stadium for one more year after delaying it previously for 12 months back in May 2017, last year, which means in less than a year, Chelsea have delayed the new stadium for two years.

Chelsea have already obtained the permission to build their new stadium a year ago, in January 2017, and the new stadium was expected to take around three years to completely build it, and Chelsea was expected to move to their new stadium by the start of the season of 2021-2022. However, after the recent delays, Chelsea won’t be able to move to their new stadium before the late summer of 2024, in six years from now, which means that Chelsea will play in their new stadium in the beginning of the season 2025-2026.


The latest finish date is according to the latest delays that occurred, and if Chelsea postpones again, that could mean more delays for Chelsea fans to move to their new stadium.

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