TERRIBLE And Huge Transfer Blow For Chelsea

The Blues Chelsea FC fans and board and even the Russian owner, Roman Abramovic, received a huge transfer blow and bad news recently as the transfer plans and strategic plan of Chelsea as of next season, 2018/2019, may be all changed where several changes may be forced to happen.

According to several sources and reports, the Italian club, Napoli FC, refused to accept the offer of Chelsea to release Mauricio Sari, from his contract with the Italian giant club.

Napoli has announced that they signed a new contract with Carlo Ancelotti as the team’s new manager for three seasons as of next season, 2018/2019, but also they didn’t terminate Sarri’s contract with the Southern club which is still running until 2020.

Napoli FC are reported to be asking Chelsea for more money to release their Italian manager, where Chelsea had offered a 4 million Euros offer to Napoli in order to release and terminate the contract of Mauricio Sarri, but the Italian club insisted on getting  8 million Euros as the penalty clause in a contract of Mauricio Sarri with Napoli.

Knowing that if Mauricio Sarri doesn’t get released from Napoli FC until the 31st of May, Chelsea FC may not be able to sign him anymore this season as the deadline to pay his contract penalty clause is within three days and that will change the transfer plans and strategic plan of the London club for next season.

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