PLAYERS RATINGS: Chelsea Vs Norwich City

The worst match for Chelsea since the arrival of Antonio Conte to the Stamford Bridge, regardless of the qualification today. Terrible performance, no game management, two red cards which will affect the next matches in the Premier League, and may affect Chelsea in the EFL Cup against Arsenal next week. The fifth consecutive match that Chelsea fails to win in and the key players fail to score since fourth matches.


We will rate our players after every match, here are Chelsea Insider players ratings (penalty shootout for the players won’t be taken into consideration)

Caballero: The best player tonight, without him Chelsea would have lost since the first half. 8/10

Azpilicueta:  Again, a good match. Helping in the defense and attack. 7/10

Ampadu: A good performance, a promising defender. 6/10

Luiz: A better match than the last one against Norwich City, but still not the David Luiz of last season. 5/10

Zappacosta: A very poor performance today as well. Barely saw him. Was better in the extra time with some crosses to Morata. 5/10

Kenedy: One of the best players today, and got an assist. 7/10

Drinkwater: Can’t create or help a lot in the attack, but had a couple of long shots on target. 5/10

Bakayoko: Again, was he on the pitch today? a very poor performance and can’t even keep the ball with him. 4/10

Pedro: A very poor form and a silly dive. One of the most disappointing players today and got sent off before an important penalty shootout. 1/10

Willian:  Maybe the best one today in the top three forwards and was behind Chelsea’s first goal. Booked though. 5/10

Batshuayi:  Was terrible in the first half, no effect, and was going to cause Chelsea to lose because of his misplaced pass, but he didn’t get enough service and scored an important goal. 5/10



Morata:  Had few shots by his head on target. Still not in his top form. Booked and kicked before in the penalty shootout. 4/10

Christensen: A good add for the defense. 6/10

Kante: Brought stability to the midfield. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Kante for the attack. 6/10
Hazard: Had to get subbed on for Pedro, who did almost nothing today except getting troubles for Chelsea. 6/10

Man of the match: Willy Caballero saved Chelsea from a loss, and was the best player tonight, and he got Chelsea to the next round through his early save.


Antonio Conte (manager):  A terrible game management and substitutes. Why keeping Pedro and subbing Kenedy and Batshuayi? Hazard had to get on earlier and the team seemed so lost in some moments. 3/10

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