PLAYERS RATINGS: Chelsea vs Arsenal Players Ratings And Man Of The Match

A tactical first half where Antonio Conte seemed he was looking to see Arsene Wenger’s plan, and in the second half it was an offensive plan, not the best form of Chelsea as well. It was a result in Arsenal’s favor tonight.

We will rate our players after every match, here are Chelsea Insider players ratings:

Courtois: Almost nothing to do during the match tonight, a calm night. 6/10

Azpilicueta: Always defending and was helping in the attack as well, had an accurate pass to Cesc’s head in the last seconds of the first half. 7/10

Rudiger: Average defending match, nothing much to do. Was helping in the offense as well sometimes. 6/10

Christensen: A good defensive match and had two attempts on target by his head. 7/10

Alonso: Not the best form of Alonso, but was trying to support in the defense and offense. 6/10

Moses: Had a very dangerous attempt on target in the first half before Ospina saves his shot, was trying during the match. 7/10

Kante: Nothing much to do, booked as well. 6/10

Fabregas:  Had a very dangerous attempt by his had in the 45th minute, wasn’t doing a lot tonight though. 6/10

Drinkwater: Missed a dangerous chance, and wasn’t impressing at all tonight. 4/10

Hazard: Not in his best form, but was dangerous sometimes. 6/10

Morata:  Still not in his best form, even though he was trying. 6/10



Willian: Gave some energy to the squad in the offensive side. 5/10

Bakayoko: Came to help to defend, no time to rate. N/A

Batshuayi: No time to make a difference. N/A

Man of the match: None of Chelsea players was in the best form tonight.

Antonio Conte (manager):  A bad game management today, Conte didn’t take advantage of the Arsenal’s bad form and absences, and was defending all the first half, and not so dangerous in the second half. The second leg is in the Emirates, Conte missed a great opportunity to put one leg in the final earlier. Drinkwater wasn’t needed tonight, and Conte was defending more than what is required tonight where Chelsea was able to win. 5/10

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