PLAYERS RATINGS: Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal Players Ratings And Man Of The Match

A very poor first half, and a better second half. A good win after such performance where Chelsea players weren’t in their day and didn’t perform what’s expected of them. A disappointing draw in the extra time though.

We will rate our players after every match, here are Chelsea Insider players ratings:

Courtois: Did his job, had an amazing save for Sanchez’s ball. 7/10

Azpilicueta: Maybe the least appreciated man today, he was doing the defense and offense work tonight. 7/10

Cahill: Had some shaky moments. 6/10

Christensen: Chelsea’s future in defense, the best two defenders alongside with Azpilicueta. 7/10

Alonso: Not his day, is it because of fatigue? But was able to score an amazing and important goal. 6/10

Moses: A poor match as well, not his best match. 5/10

Kante: The only one in the midfield. 7/10

Fabregas:  Was fighting for every ball in the midfield, missed a dangerous chance in the last seconds of the first half. 7/10

Bakayoko: Was in the penalty area a couple of times, but wasn’t so dangerous and was slow sometimes. 5/10

Hazard: Tried his best, but can’t do everything alone. One goal though. 7/10

Morata:  Missed a very easy one on one chance in the first half that could have changed the game, and another one in the second half. Not his top form today. Chelsea kind of played with 10 men. 4/10



Willian: Was behind the second goal, had to get in earlier for Morata. 5/10

Zappacosta: An amazing assist for the second goal. Better than Moses 6/10

 Drinkwater: average. 5/10

Man of the match: None of the players were in their day, maybe Kante and Hazard only. However, Hazard scored the first goal and was trying all the time. Not the best on the pitch today though.

Antonio Conte (manager):  Terrible first half, and an average second half. Conte was lucky to score two goals by Arsenal’s defensive mistakes. 6/10

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