PLAYERS RATINGS: Chelsea 2-1 Leicester City And Man Of The Match.

A strange team played today against Leicester City today, none of the players was in his day and all the players were poor. It was obvious that the elimination from the Champions League against Barcelona last Wedesnday affected the squad and the mentality inside the team where even the team stars such as Eden Hazard, were affected and not performing well at all.

Chelsea were lucky to win 2-1 against the former Premier League champions, Leicester City, who equalized at the end of the second half and forced the current Premier League champions, Chelsea FC, to play 30 more minutes.

We will rate our players after every match, here are Chelsea Insider players ratings:

Caballero: Not much to do, made a save before of Vardy’s goal, can’t be blamed. 6/10

Azpilicueta: Not his best match, but the best defender even when the team is bad. 7/10

Rudiger: A very average match, as if he isn’t a senior player and a regular starter for Chelsea. 5/10

Christensen: A lot of misplaced passes, such as the pass to the referee.  Left the pitch for Cahill, we hope he’s not injured. 5/10

Moses: One good match, and one bad match. Very poor today as well. 5/10

Alonso: Was attacking more than Hazard at a certain point, but a poor match as well. 5/10

Kante: Chelsea’s best player, was running the midfield. 7/10

Bakayoko: He can’t play for Chelsea, did nothing today at all. 5/10

Morata: Poor performance, but scored a goal and missed a plenty of easy chances. 6/10

Hazard: Was he playing? one of his worst matches. 5/10

Willian: A poor match as well, but provided an assist and was the best player in Chelsea’s front three. 6/10




Fabregas: Barely did anything in the second half. 5/10

Cahill: Not much to do. 5/10

Pedro: Had to come on earlier, scored a very important and the winning goal. 6/10

Giroud: Didn’t do much. 5/10


Man of the match: All Chelsea players were poor. Only Azpilicueta, Caballero, and Kante were better than others, but not the best on the pitch.

Antonio Conte (manager): Not sure what happened to Conte and his grinta, the team seemed with no soul and almost no one fighting. Bakayoko is another question mark for the Italian manager who keeps starting him even though he never performed well since his arrival to Chelsea. However, it was lucky that he didn’t lose today. 5/10


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