PLAYERS RATINGS: Chelsea 1-4 Watford And Man Of The Match. TERRIBLE

A terrible performance from Chelsea FC as well in the first half. In just three minutes, Chelsea lost three balls which were going to lead to a goal. Random passes and shots by Chelsea players where the misplaced passes caused Watford to have more possession and have several attempts on target.

The Match today reminds us of Chelsea two years ago when Jose Mourinho was in charge and during his last days before he gets sacked due to the bad performance and results. Chelsea conceded three goals in just eight minutes. Losing 4-1 against Watford after losing 3-0 to Bournemouth is something that can’t be acceptable. Chelsea is falling apart. Maybe Antonio Conte will be sacked in the coming few hours.

We will rate our players after every match, here are Chelsea Insider players ratings:

Cortouis: Made some good saves, especially against Zeegelaar in the 66th minute, but gave Watford a penalty. 3/10

Azpilicueta: From the very few matches he isn’t so good in. Was terribly marking Deeney in the 10th minute. 4/10

Cahill: Again, not convincing at all, and he’s Chelsea’s captain as well. 2/10

Luiz: Very shaky and some disastrous moments, such as the 41st and 59th. Was behind the second and third goal. Made an assist and got Booked, weird performance. 2/10

Moses: A very poor performance, a couple of good dribbles, then a bad performance. 4/10

Zappacosta: Was he playing today? we just saw a couple of runs by the Italian man, nothing else. Not a good idea to play him on the left side. 3/10

Bakayoko: That’s not the Bakayoko who was in Monaco and Chelsea signed. Why does he keep on starting? an early red card as well. 1/10

Kante: Did all that he can. 5/10

Willian:  Not much time to judge him, but wasn’t in his day. 5/10

Pedro: Wasn’t useful at all. 4/10

Hazard: Scored a goal and was Chelsea’s best player today, but can’t do much. 5/10




Fabregas: Had to start over the shaky Bakayoko. But wasn’t so dangerous. 4/10

Giroud: Didn’t get a lot of services, and not a lot of time to judge him but missed a chance to score a second goal in the last seconds. 4/10

Man of the match: None of Chelsea’s players for sure.

Antonio Conte (manager): I won’t be surprised if he gets sacked. Something weird is happening. It may be his last match with Chelsea. 2/10


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