PLAYERS RATINGS: Chelsea 1-2 Man United And Man Of The Match.

An amazing first half for Chelsea, but a very bad second half where the team’s performance declined drastically and Manchester United took the lead and was attacking and flipped the roles with Chelsea who was attacking in the first half. Several individual mistakes in the second half as well where Chelsea missed a lot of chances in the first half which were able to grant the Blues Chelsea a win.

We will rate our players after every match, here are Chelsea Insider players ratings:

Cortouis: Conceded twice, wasn’t tested a lot though. 5/10

Azpilicueta: Was fighting, but needs a rest. 6/10

Rudiger: Helped in the attack and was defending in the second half, was attacking in the first half as well. However, got nervous after conceding the second goal. 6/10

Christensen: Was sloppy today. Had a good interception Martial on the 26th minute but it’s a bad week after Barcelona’s goal. 4/10

Moses: One good match, and one bad match. 5/10

Alonso: Was so good in the first half, dribbling and attacking more than Manchester United’s strikers. However, in the second half, he wasn’t that good. 6/10

Drinkwater: Not that good for such big matches. Had a great chance to score in the 57th minute. 6/10

Kante: One of Chelsea’s best players today and was even attacking. Booked. 7/10

Morata:  Missed several changes such as the 4th minute and 49th minute. Had to be subbed off instead of Hazard. Booked. 5/10

Hazard: Subbing Hazard off without an injury in such a match is like saying we give up. Chelsea’s most dangerous player. 7/10

Willian: Keeps on scoring, did everything he can. 8/10




Giroud: Barely did anything. 5/10

Fabregas: Not much to do. 5/10

Pedro: Had one chance, but didn’t really impress after. 5/10


Man of the match: Maybe Willian deserves it, but his form declined in the second half.

Antonio Conte (manager): Subbing Hazard off was a big question mark, and the dramatic decline in Chelsea’s form in the second half as well. Not the best match even though Chelsea dominated the first half but the wrong tactics in the second half cost Chelsea points. 5/10


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