PLAYERS RATINGS: Chelsea 1-0 Man United And Man Of The Match.

A deserved advantage for Chelsea in the first half where Chelsea were the better side until Eden Hazard scored the advantage goal where Chelsea FC went back to defending.

The first half the Blues Chelsea FC were the better side, but in the second half Antonio Conte was over defending which gave Manchester United and Jose Mourinho the freedom to attack and they were the better side and more dangerous.

We will rate our players after every match, here are Chelsea Insider players ratings:

Courtois: Made some crucial saves such as on the 63rd and 53rd minutes. 7/10

Azpilicueta: Was okay, did his job. 7/10

Rudiger: A good match, did his job. 7/10

Cahill: An average match. 6/10

Alonso: Didn’t really do much, wasted the winning goal in the 70th minute. 6/10

Moses: Didn’t do much today, some good moments and some shaky moments. 6/10

Kante: A good much, as usual. 7/10

Fabregas: Had to get subbed off on the 60th-minute maximum. 6/10

Bakayoko: A very average match, did nothing. 6/10

Giroud: Good positioning which 8/10

Hazard: Scored one goal, and was the most dangerous player on the pitch, always trying and fighting. 8/10




Morata: No time to do anything. N/A

Man of the match: Eden Hazard deserves it, he scored a very important goal and was the most dangerous player on the pitch. Courtois deserves some mention as well for all the saves he made.

Antonio Conte (manager): He was lucky to win today from a penalty, had to do some subs earlier. 7/10


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