PLAYERS RATINGS: Chelsea 0-4 Bournemouth (Shocking)

A shocking and disappointing result for Chelsea against Bournemouth FC away from home, where Chelsea have conceded three goals and failed to score any goal, even though they dominated the match in terms of stats and shots.

Chelsea have had a very poor first half, where they lost several chances. In the second half, Bournemouth were better and scored an early first goal seconds after the beginning of the second half, and then scored three times, later on, to give Chelsea the seventh loss this season.

The team couldn’t perform today, especially in the attack where Gonzalo Higuain failed to have any single shot on target, and had fewer passes than Kepa.

Here are our player’s ratings for Chelsea

Chelsea players ratings:

Kepa: Couldn’t do much for the goals. 5.5/10

Azpilicueta: Was going forward but without any effect, poor crosses and bad in the defense today. Wasn’t marked well for the third goal. 5.5/10

Rudiger: Poor performance today. 5/10

Luiz: Some good passes, but not so good in the defense, especially in the second goal. 5/10

Emerson: Did nothing today, even worse than Alonso. 5.5/10

Kovacic: Was going forward but without any effect. A poor match, except his header in the first half. 6/10

Kante: Was poor today, he was going forward all the time but couldn’t be an attacking midfielder. Sarri has to reconsider his role. Was close to scoring though.  6.5/10

Jorginho: Not filling N’Golo Kante’s gap as a defensive midfielder. Another poor performance. 5/10

Hazard: Two shots on target, but couldn’t do much today. 6.5/10

Pedro: Had two long passes, was okay until he was subbed off. 6.5/10

Higuain: Only 18 passes in today’s game, less than Kepa. And 0 shots on target. He wasn’t getting service as well. 5.5/10



Willian: Pedro was better today. 5/10

Kovacic: Did nothing, just 5 passes. 5/10

Loftus-Cheek: Tried a bit, but not much to do. 5/10

Marucio Sarri (manager):  Not sure who to blame. Playing Jorginho instead of Kante isn’t helping, and the board has to sign an offensive midfielder to give service to the forward trio. 5/10

Man of the match: None of Chelsea players for sure.

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