OFFICIAL: Andreas Christensen Wins The Best Player Award For 2017

It was such an amazing year for Chelsea youngster, Andreas Christensen, after being one of the best defenders with his current team, Chelsea, and one of the most promising players in the Premier League as well.

Andreas Christensen is having a great year with his current team, Chelsea, which made him get named Denmark’s best young talent of the previous year, 2017, after his brilliant performance and talent.

Andreas Christensen, the Denmark international, has won this award two years before, and this is his third consecutive year to win this award.

Andreas Christensen has joined Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge back in 2013, then he was loaned out back in 2015 for two years until 2017, last season, to the Bundesliga side, Borussia Mönchengladbach, where he shined and gained experience int he 82 games with his German team where he scored seven goals as well.

Andreas Christensen has played 22 games with Chelsea this season, 16 of them are in the Premier League and is one of Antonio Conte’s key players and many Chelsea fans call him to be the next Terry Henry due to his talent and young age where he still has a lot of fo time to improve.

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