Conte Attacks Eden Hazard “I Don’t Care If You Are Happy”

Antonio Conte, Chelsea’s manager, had attacked Chelsea’s main star, Eden Hazard, during a press conference a few days ago after the news of some issues between the Belgian superstar and the Italian manager.

Antonio Conte seemed hard toward his main star in a press conference where some reporters and journalists asked Antonio Conte whether he is concerned about Eden Hazard being unhappy with Antonio Conte subbing him off recently in the matches.

Antonio Conte said about Eden Hazard feeling not happy:” It’s not important. I am the manager, I decided. It is not important if one player is happy or unhappy.”

Conte continued:” Only in the Premier League it’s like that, you have to be worried about a player if he is happy or not. My job is to do the best for the team and not to make every player happy. If we have to care about every player being happy then we will get relegated.”



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