Chelsea Whatsapp Groups. Join Now

We finally launched our Whatsapp groups for Chelsea fans to get the latest news and discuss anything about their team, Chelsea.
Just open this link from your phone or Whatsapp on PC and then choose the option to join the group. that’s it ?
Group rules: 
1-Don’t change the group title at all
2-Don’t change the DP, group picture.
3-Don’t send links to other Whatsapp groups or any promotions of any kind.
4-Be respectful to the admins and members.
5-The group is about Chelsea and football. Religious, political, racist, nudity, hate speech or discussions aren’t allowed in the group.
6-If you invite your friends to the group by the group link, you should let the other people know the group rules before joining.
7-Members are asked to help the admins report any violations in the group by messaging us through a private message, we are humans as well, we may not see every single message in the group.
Any member who violates the rules will be removed permanently from the group.
NB: Joining the group means you agree to the group rules


  1. I am a Chelsea FC fan . I will be glad to be added to the fans WhatsApp platform to enable me follow my team and comments and contribute my quoter if possible.

  2. I am a Chelsea fan and request to be added to the group

  3. I am a Chelsea fan and request to be added to the group 0719259387

  4. Admin, pla add me 08066080991

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