Chelsea Whatsapp Group

We have finally launched our Whatsapp groups for the fans of Chelsea and football fans, you can join the group by the link below, and make sure to follow the group rules.
Here is the group link please read the rules before joining the group. Joining the group means you agree to the rules.
Group rules: 
1-Don’t send links to other Whatsapp groups, bitcoins, match-fixing, or any promotions.
2-The group is for Chelsea and football fans. Rival fans are welcome to join as well as there is mutual respect.
3-Religious, political, racist, nudity, or hate speech or conversations aren’t allowed at all.
4-Only English is allowed in the group.
5-when you give the group link to others, you are responsible for making them aware of the group rules.
6-Members should help the admins by reporting any violations in the group by messaging us through a private message. We may not see every single message in the group.
Any member who violates the rules will be removed from the group ( permanently)

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