Chelsea Legend: Man United Is The BIGGEST Club In The World ( Bigger Than Chelsea)

Chelsea fans seem that they are angry now from their legend after what he said about Manchester United and Chelsea where he said that Manchester United is the biggest club in the world indirectly.

Chelsea’s former player and legend, Frank Lampard, who also played with other Premier League clubs such as West Ham United, Swansea City, and Manchester City before he ends his career in New York City, has praised Manchester United after the news and reports that Alexis Sanchez preferred Manchester United over Manchester City because of money.

Frank Lampard doesn’t agree with that, and he thinks that choosing Manchester United was a right decision by the Chilean in an interview with BT Sports where he explained his point of view regarding Alexis Sanchez’s move to the Old Trafford.

Frank Lampard said in the interview:” He, Alexis Sanchez, didn’t do anything wrong and he made a right decision by signing for Manchester United. Alexis Sanchez didn’t leave for China like other players instead of signing for Manchester City, but he signed for Manchester United which is one of the biggest clubs in the world, if not the biggest in the world.”

This comes after all the critics for Alexis Sanchez for choosing Manchester United over Manchester City where some say that it’s due to a higher wage, which Frank Lampard doesn’t really agree with, and also Arsenal’s legend, Robert Piers, said that Alexis Sanchez just wanted Arsenal to sign big players and spend more on transfers to renew his contract.

This made some Chelsea fans angry, and some Manchester United fans happy, for praising Manchester United and considering it to be one of the best, and maybe the biggest club in the world instead of Chelsea.

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