Chelsea Broke A 4 Years Unique Record Today

Chelsea are finally back on the winning track after the disappointing performance in the previous few days and weeks where the Blues couldn’t win against any team, even a Championship team, Norwich City twice, and they have drawn in all five matches this year.

Chelsea were finally able to have their first win in 2018 where the Blues won 4-0 against Brighton away from home in the Premier League Matchday 24 where Chelsea scored more goals, four goals, than all what Chelsea players were able to score in the last five games, three goals only.

Moreover, Chelsea were able to break a four years old unique record where the Blues have scored two goals in less than six minutes for the first time since four years ago, 2014, where the Blues scored two goals in less than six minutes against Everton FC in the Premier League where Chelsea won 6-3 over Everton FC away from home and Chelsea scored two goals in around three minutes.

This comes as a huge boost for the Blues who will be playing against Arsenal on Wedensday in the EFL Cup semi-final at the Emirates Stadium where a win means a qualification to play at Wembley in the final.




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