PICTURE: Chelsea To Announce A Huge Swap Deal For A 231 League Goals Striker

The Blues Chelsea FC are reported to be on the edge of announcing their first summer transfer which is expected to be a huge swap deal for a world class striker who is considered to be one of the best number 9 strikers in the world now from one of Europe’s biggest clubs.

According to several sources such as the British outlet, The Daily Mail, The Blues Chelsea FC’s new expected manager, Mauricio Sarri, he seems that he told the board about the first signing he wants it to happen at the Stamford Bridge where Mauricio Sarri seems he wants a reunion with one of his formers strikers at Napoli FC, who is as well Real Madrid’s former striker with around 231 league goals.

The Daily Mail confirmed that the latest sources and news confirm that Chelsea are keen to complete a swap deal with the Italian Serie A giant, Juventus FC, where Chelsea FC will offer the Spanish striker, Alvaro Morata, for the Argentinian striker, Gonzalo Higuain who is playing right now for Juventus FC after three seasons he played in Napoli FC under Mauricio Sarri where in his last season in Napoli he was the top goalscorer for the Italian League.

Mauricio Sarri seems not confident of Alvaro Morata’s form after his shaky season in the Premier League coming from the La Liga giants, Real Madrid, after winning the Champions League with them where he was heavily criticized for missing chances and not delivering and scoring when the team needs him, while Mauricio Sarri seems he wants to work again with Gonzalo Higuain in the Premier League where the Argentinian striker scored 71 goals for Napoli, 107 goals for Real Madrid, and 40 goals for Juventus FC in the European clubs he played for.

The deal is expected to be a swap deal where Alvaro Morata is worth around 60million Euros, and Gonzalo Higuain is worth around 55million Euros where the clubs are negotiating to close the deal soon.

Knowing  Alvaro Morata was pictured in Milan with his agent and Juventus FC sports director while negotiating the return of Alvaro Morata to his former club, Juventus FC.

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