Chelsea 5-0 Stoke City Players Ratings And Man Of The Match

It was a one-sided match, but Chelsea was able to overwhelm Stoke City and easily win 5-0 against Stoke City who was suffering from four absences in the back line, which was clearly obvious today.


We will rate our players after every match, here are Chelsea Insider players ratings:

Courtois: A very calm match, nothing to do. 6/10

Azpilicueta: Nothing much to do in the defense as well, a calm match.. 7/10

Cahill: Good match, cleared some balls. 7/10

Rudiger: Good defensive match, and scored one goal. 7/10

Alonso: Helped in the attack, nothing much to do in the defense. 7/10

Moses: A good match, got subbed off after 57 minutes. 6/10

N’Golo Kante: A good match as well, nothing much to do today, got subbed off after 65 minutes. 6/10

Drinkwater:  A good match and amazing goal. 7/10

Pedro: Had a dangerous attempt on the 61st minute, and scored one goal. 7/10

Willian: One of the best players on the pitch, a lot of energy and always trying and dangerous and helped in most of the goals. 8/10

Morata:  Wasn’t lucky enough to score today, but a good match. 7/10



Bakayoko:  Average, came to rest Kante 5/10

Batchuayi: Tried to go forward and score, but couldn’t. 5/10

Zappacosta: A good match as a sub and scored an amazing goal. 6/10

Man of the match: Clearly Willian, two assists and one goal and a brilliant match. What else is needed?

Antonio Conte (manager):  A good match and rested his key players and Eden Hazard as well. 7/10

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