Chelsea 0-0 Everton Players Ratings,Man Of The Match.

A tough match for the Blues, as expected, against Sam Allardyce side, Everton, away from home where Chelsea drew again this season and lost two valuable points when it was a golden opportunity to go ahead in the standing after Arsenal and Liverpool lost points yesterday.

It was a defensive match for Everton, where most of Chelsea’s key players, and especially Eden Hazard, were marked and weren’t moving freely. It was 90 minutes of  Chelsea attacking, and Everton defending.

A tough match for the Blues where Southampton was defending well and even was close to scoring and surprised Antonio Conte with their performance and desire today. One goal, but against a tough opponent today.

We will rate our players after every match, here are Chelsea Insider players ratings:

Courtois: Average match, nothing much to do. 6/10

Azpilicueta: A calm defensive match for Chelsea’s captain, tried to him in the attack as well. 6/10

Christensen: A good match, nothing to do as well. 6/10

Rudiger: Was helping in the midfield as well. 6/10

Alonso: Tried to cross and help in the attack, wasn’t able to crack into Everton’s defense. 7/10

Moses: Like Alonso, nothing much to do with such defense. 7/10

N’Golo Kante:  We didn’t see him a lot of the defensive duties today, a calm match. 7/10

Bakayoko:  Wasn’t helping in the attack as much as he had to do. Was it his fault, or Conte didn’t want Everton to counter-attack? 5/10

Hazard: Always trying, but was marked in the third half. However, he was able to create in the midfield. 7/10

Pedro: Had a dangerous shot in the 35th minute, but Pickford saved it.. 6/10

Willian:  Average today, wasn’t able to take advantage of his skills and speed a lot today. 6/10




Fabregas:  Why didn’t he start from the beginning? he is needed in such matches where a single pass can end the match. 6/10

Batchuayi: Conte’s lack of confidence in his is affecting him, he needs some confidence. He tried to score, but no one was able to crack such defense today. Not an ideal match to score in and gain the manager’s trust back. 4/10

Zappacosta: Not convincing at all, Moses is better in the attack. Why did he come in? 4/10

Man of the match: Non really impressed. It was a closed match for both sides. Maybe Hazard deserves a mention, like usual, for his effort.

Antonio Conte (manager):  He has a lot of work to do in January. Some, not clear decisions were taken today such as starting Bakayoko over Fabregas, who can be the difference in such matches, and subbing off Moses who is good in the attack, for Zappacosta, who is having a very average season. A big question mark on the subs today, and the starting xl and Conte’s defensive tactics from the beginning of the match. 4/10

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