When Is Champions League Draw And Who May Chelsea Play Against

Chelsea has officially qualified to the Champions League knock out stage after securing the second place in their group stage after drawing to Atletico Madrid in the final match, and A.S Roma secured the first place.

When and where is the draw: Tomorrow, Monday, December 11 at 11 AM GMT in UEFA’s headquarters in Switzerland


Who may Chelsea play against?

Chelsea is in pot 2 after securing the second place in their group, which means Chelsea will draw with another team from pot 1, who secured the first place in their group stage.

Some rules apply to the draw, such as not playing against any Premier League club, which are Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspurs, and not playing against a team that Chelsea played against in the group stages, which is A.S Roma in this case.

Securing the second place in the group stage was in Chelsea’s favor, where they will have an easy task now avoiding the big clubs in pot 1 because 5 of them Chelsea isn’t eligible to play against. the options for Chelsea are Paris Saint Germain, FC Barcelona, and Besiktas



Who does Chelsea want to avoid? Paris Saint Germain and Barcelona are the clubs Chelsea wants to avoid, due to their strength this season, and Chelsea played several times against PSG in Champions League and didn’t have a very good record.

Who does Chelsea want to draw with? Besiktas is ok for Chelsea, but in the knock out stages, it’s totally different.


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