BREAKING NEWS: Antonio Conte Got Sent Off

Antonio Conte, Chelsea’s manager, has been sent off few minutes ago during the match against Swansea City at the Stamford Bridge.

Antonio Conte got sent off to the stands after arguing with the fourth referee over the referee’s decision not to give a corner when the ball went off  Lee Mawson, and the first referee, Neil Swarbrick, awarded a goal kick for Swansea City.

It seems that Antonio Conte said something to the fourth referee which led to the red card for Antonio Conte, in addition to the mad situation Antonio Conte was in.

Antonio Conte may face a further ban by the FA depending on the referee’s report and may be banned for the upcoming matches, and Chelsea’s next three matches are against Newcastle United, West Ham United, and Huddersfield Town.

Knowing that this is the first time Antonio Conte gets sent off to the stands in his Chelsea career since his arrival a year and a half ago from Italy.

Stay tuned for the latest news about Conte’s ban.

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