BREAKING: Christensen Leaves The Pitch Injured

Chelsea’s defender, Andreas Christensen left the pitch injured in the second half after picking up an injury at the beginning of the second half.

The Danish defender, Andreas Christensen, clashed with a Brighton player in the head where he collapsed near the penalty area of Chelsea after he was clearing a ball. He received some medical treatment by the doctors before he goes outside of the pitch to continue his treatment and return, but it seems Andreas Christensen couldn’t continue and he felt dizzy then left the pitch on the 58th minute.

Antonio Conte replaced Andreas Christensen for the Brazilian defender, David Luiz, who played two days ago against Norwich City but this season he lost his place for Andreas Christensen and it seems there are issues between David Luiz and Antonio Conte.

Chelsea is playing against Brighton now and the score is still 2-0 in Chelsea’s favor.

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