BREAKING: Chelsea May Face A Transfer BAN From FIFA

Chelsea seems they are going to face a lot of problems in the coming few days after the recent news of Chelsea may be facing a transfer ban from FIFA.

Chelsea was accused by FIFA to signing minors which is against the FIFA rules, which may lead to a ban, like what happened with Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid recently.

FIFA have accused Chelsea of signing 25 minors under the age of 18 from other countries, and the number of minors signed may increase as well. This case has been forward to the body’s disciplinary committee in FIFA, which this committee has the power to impose sanctions and bans on the transfers of a club if the club found guilty and the committee finds the ban is needed.

This could be a terrible news for the Blues who may face a transfer ban for several windows, like what happened with Atletico Madrid before, and the sanctions on Atletico Madrid has lifted a few days ago since the beginning of January.

This means Chelsea won’t be able to sign any more players if the ban is imposed, and Chelsea now is in need of several players to strengthen the squad with the expectations of several players departing soon as well such as Batshuayi, Luiz, Hazard, and others.

Stay tuned for the latest news about this case.

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