Antonio Conte Responds To Signing Alexis Sanchez To Chelsea

Antonio Conte, Chelsea’s manager, has responded today to the news about the chance of Chelsea signing the Chilean superstar, Alexis Sanchez, from the London side, Arsenal.

In a pre-match press conference ahead of Chelsea’s match tomorrow with Norwich City in the FA Cup second leg, Antonio Conte responded to the questions by the press about Chelsea signing or trying to sign the Chilean forward, Alexis Sanchez.

Antonio Conte was a bit hesitating to answer the question about Alexis Sanchez and it took a couple of seconds for the Italian manager to reply, and then he said:” I don’t know, I don’t think so, I don’t know. I don’t know but I don’t think so.” It was clear that Antonio Conte was hesitating and didn’t want to give a clear answer or reject the fact that Chelsea are negotiating to sign Alexis Sanchez like how he was doing before, which could give a hint in one way or another that Chelsea are trying to sign Alexis Sanchez after the reports yesterday which claim that Chelsea really got into the race to sign him.

Then he was asked about the transfer market and he said:” About that, the transfer market, I prefer to talk to the club directly and I give an opinion to them. Again, I don’t want to give my opinion on this, transfer market.”

This was a very vague answer, but Antonio Conte’s first answer when he was hesitating and took him a while to answer seemed like there may be something going on regarding Alexis Sanchez. However, nothing is official or confirmed yet from any club.


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