Chelsea Reaches A Striker Agreement

Chelsea seem are on their way to completing their second transfer deal during the winter transfer windows, in January this month.

The recent reports from several sources such as and others suggest that Chelsea have reached an agreement with the La Liga side, Sevilla FC, in order to loan Chelsea’s striker to Sevilla this season to spend the rest of the season in the Spanish league.

The recent reports suggest that Chelsea and Sevilla have reached an agreement of 1.5million Euros fee for the Belgian striker, Michy Batshuayi, in addition for Sevilla to pay a portion of his weekly wage.

The reports suggest that the deal is agreed on, but it won’t happen until Chelsea signs a new striker to replace Michy Batshuayi who seemed he doesn’t have the trust of Chelsea’s Italian manager, Antonio Conte, who isn’t depending on him and playing it in very few games this season, and preferring Alvaro Morata to start in all games.

Chelsea are linked with several strikers such as Andy Carroll from West Ham United, and Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal.

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